Get Ready for Camp 80s Cruise!

Rise and shine, 80s Cruisers! Get ready for Camp 80s Cruise! Which camp is going to take the Camp 80s Cruise Cup Trophy this year? Will it be the returning champs, Camp North Star or will another camp rise to the occasion? Get ready to compete, but for now, it’s time to share more details on what this fun, friendly and action-packed day will entail!

Your Camp

You’ve been paired up with fellow cruisers to compete for bragging rights on Camp 80s Cruise Day. It’s going to be a busy day, so we’ll start now by introducing you to your camp names and colors so you can sport them proudly.

Camp Crystal Lake

Guests on deck 2 and deck 8, welcome to Camp Crystal Lake! This is your camp for the day. Don’t worry, we left Jason back on dry land. Or did we?

Your camp color is WHITE.

Camp Beverly Hills

Guests on decks 3,6, and 12, welcome to Camp Beverly Hills! This is your camp for the day. When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping! It’s only fitting that we have a camp paying tribute to LA’s finest troop of socialites.

Your camp color is GREEN.

Camp North Star (The Returning Champs)

Guests on deck 7 and deck 11 Welcome to Camp North Star! This is your camp for the day. Be careful where you fall asleep, or you may wake up floating on a raft like Morty.

Your camp color is YELLOW.

Camp Lake Minnetonka

Guests on deck 9 and deck 10, Welcome to Camp Lake Minnetonka! This is your camp for the day. What time is it? Time to Purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka.

Your camp color is PURPLE.

Proudly represent your camp all day by wearing your camp color. Our friends at Enemy Ink have stocked the Flashbacks 80s Cruise Merch Store with T-Shirts featuring the camp logos you can shop here and have shipped to your home. OR If you’d rather create your own camp gear the camp logos are available for download here. Enemy Ink has also promised more camp specific items will be added soon!

The 80s Cruise always delivers an action-packed week of Awesome Activities, and Camp 80s Day will be no exception. Our 80s Cruise Camp Counselors are hard at work planning a variety of somewhat physical and sorta mental challenges, plus fun and games for both competitive cruisers and the ones that are just here for a good time. Here’s some of what to expect:

  •  Dodgeball Competition
  • Bloody Mary Bingo Bash hosted by Vixen
  • Video Game Tournament: Galaga
  • Capture The Flag
  • Rock Climbing Competition
  • King of the Splash Competition
  • Pool Party featuring Jessie’s Girl
  • Ping Pong Tournament
  • Beer Pong Competition
  • Trivia Challenge with Steve Spears and Brad Williams.
  • Pool Games
  • Camp 80s Cruise Double Dare
  • And more!

Throughout the day winners of events will earn points for their camp. The camp with the most points at the end of the day will be declared champions! The champions will receive bragging rights and their camp’s name on the Camp 80s Cruise Cup Trophy!

Dearly Beloved Tonight we gather for this thing called Prom

After a fun filled day of battle, we dress to the nines in our purple suits and dresses and dance in our seats with Morris Day and The Time in the Royal Theater. Then, it’s time for Purple Prom with Retro DJ Travis Bell and The Smithereens playing the After Party in Studio B to cap off one hell of a day on The 80s Cruise!

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