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The All-Inclusive Ultimate 80s Party The All-Inclusive Ultimate 80s Party

The 80s Cruise beckons devotees of this most radical decade to break out the big hair, legwarmers and boom boxes for the ultimate celebration of 80s music and culture on an All-Inclusive 7-day cruise. Join an incredible lineup of artists for more than 50 concerts and live performances, nightly themed parties and unparalleled celebrity interaction.

OUR PARTY BOAT: The music is not the only reason to sail on this All-Inclusive Ultimate 80s Party, you will spend seven days aboard the luxurious Navigator of the Seas. With more than a dozen bars, restaurants, clubs, lounges, a dazzling casino, luxurious spa and expansive pool deck, this ship is a destination of its own!

NON-STOP ACTION: Each day and night is jam packed with excellent events tailored for the adults who grew up loving the 80s as a kid, including special meet and greets, Q&As with your favorite artists, interactive Trivia Sessions, 80s Karaoke, friendly competitions and a week-long party that never slows down. There is nowhere else on the planet that delivers the nonstop 80s awesomeness and unique, unforgettable moments that you will experience on The 80s Cruise!

Awesome Activities

When you aren’t dancing and singing along to a Main Stage concert, you’ll be on the pool deck making a splash or in a retro-rad lounge belting out 80s classics. The 80s Cruise delivers an action-packed week of Awesome Activities! We’re talking... Pub Crawls, Cobra Kai Karaoke, Let’s Get Physical Aerobics, Big 80s Trivia, 80s Video Games and so much more. Our 80s Camp Counselors make sure every day is like Spring Break (For Adults).

Excellent Events

On The 80s Cruise, you won’t just see your favorite 80s musicians and icons perform on stage, you will also interact with them during our radical series of Excellent Events. Think star-studded game shows, tasting and cooking demos led by artists, interview and panel discussions, vow renewal and more. Every 80s-infused event will make you laugh, smile, sing and dance your way back in time to our favorite decade.

Tubular Theme Nights

How did The 80s Cruise earn the title of "The Ultimate 80s Party?" It takes a killer lineup of iconic 80s bands, but our rock star guests take the party to the max at the Tubular Theme Nights. Pack accordingly! Each night’s theme sets the stage, and our guests knock it out of the park with show-stopping costumes that turn heads and turn back the clocks. It may take you some time to plan, but memories of these Theme Night parties will live on forever!

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