Battle of the Bands

Sunset BLVD is Joining
The 80s Cruise 2023 Lineup!

The 80s Cruise is excited to announce that Sunset BLVD is the winner of the Battle of the Bands contest!

Sunset BLVD will transport you back to 1987, with a show that celebrates the fun, loud guitars, big hair and the hits of all things 80s-rock (with a touch of pop) that made the 1980s the best decade for music…..EVER!

We can’t wait for Sunset BLVD to join us for the ultimate celebration of 80s music and culture!

Thank you to all who submitted and voted for The 80s Cruise Battle of the Bands Contest! We appreciate your participation.

Check out all of the incredible finalists below.

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Battle of the Bands Finalists

80z All-Stars

San Diego, CA A high energy, performance oriented 80s tribute act covering songs from all 80s genres.

Electric Avenue

Atlanta, GA We don’t get to repeat even one minute of our time here, but what if you could relive all the youthful energy and sonic celebration that was 1980s New Wave & FM Radio Pop: Right here, right now? Every sound. Every nuance. Every time. That’s Electric Avenue.

Flashback Heart Attack

Los Angeles, CA Right from the 80s!! It’s high energy, crowd engaging fun with a look and precision sound that is second to none. Whether playing events with Clint Black for 10,000 people or 100 people – big or small Flashback Heart Attack gives 100% every time.

Foreigners Journey

Boston, MA The music and energy of two legendary stadium rock bands comes together in one electrifying show! Now starring 2X Tony Nominated Star of Broadway's Rock of Ages and American Idol Icon - Constantine Maroulis. Their repertoire of classics hits by Foreigner and Journey provides a crowd-pleasing night of unforgettable music.

Nëon Ärcädiä

Greenviile, SC Nëon Ärcädiä captures the exuberance and excitement of the arcade era, playing all styles of 80s tunes- from the most head bangin' Heavy Metal, to soaring pop melodies, to crispy cool New Wave. Everyone in the band is a huge 80s geek, and we know way too much useless information about all manners of 80s pop culture. Did we mention we love the 80s?

Rubiks Groove

Nashville, TN Rubiks Groove is America’s Premier 80s character-driven entertainment band. This high energy, character-driven act will take you back to the best era of music with a complete 360-degree interactive experience that includes live music from rock to hip hop, characters, costumes, and videos!

Stay Sweet

San Diego, CA This one-of-a-kind act delivers nonstop performances of all the greatest hits of the 80s like "Centerfold," "Billy Jean," "Hungry Like the Wolf," "Dancing with Myself," and "Jessie’s Girl." Their authentic live show delivers the characteristic power and energy of that one-of-a-kind musical decade—the 1980s!

Sunset BLVD

Detroit, MI Sunset BLVD will transport you back to 1987, with a show that celebrates the fun, loud guitars, big hair and the hits of all things 80s-rock (with a touch of pop) that made the 1980s the best decade for music.....EVER!

The RetroNerds

St. Louis, MO The Midwest's funniest 80s tribute band! They perform the best retro hits in perfect sync with the original music video on multiple displays while dressed as nerds!  In true nerd style, computers control all aspects of the sound, video, and lighting to turn this live performance into a unique show of musicianship, video, lighting effects and FUN!

The Spazmatics

Los Angeles, CA Awesome 80s chain band with Revenge of The Nerds look and feel. Internationally renowned as “The Ultimate 80s New Wave Tribute,” the Spazmatics come with all the awesome sounds, styles, and cool dance steps from the decade we’ll never forget.

Wreking Crue

Detroit, MI The Motley Crue experience is a nationally touring tribute band with stage shows like no other. Over 6 different era recreations available down to the finest detail. Close your eyes and feel like you’re right back in the 80s!

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